Hideout has the opportunity to support annexation and a project that will add amenities to our community at no cost to us!

Support Annexation – it’s our town and our choice.

Why Should You Support Richardson Flats?


When residents were asked “What would you like to see changed in Hideout?”

The #1 response was “more trails”.

Richardson Flats will add 9 miles of trails for the public to use. This will create recreational opportunities as well as better trail connectivity to the town.  


46.2% of students travel more than an HOUR to get to school every day.

A local school is desperately needed. 

Richardson Flats has set aside 8.5 acres for a new school, possibly a charter which means children currently enrolled in either the Wasatch School District or the Park City School district, will be able to enroll.

Local Shopping

Are you tired of driving to Park City or Salt Lake City to do your shopping?

Having a local solution will help:

  • Cut down on commute times.
  • Improve air quality. 
  • Add to local tax base resulting in better services.

Richardson Flats will provide a mix of new, local restaurants and retail stores.  

Over 50% of respondents said they either strongly support or support commercial development within Hideout, adding local shopping and dining opportunities. 

More than 70% of residents said they wanted this development to occur along SR248, exactly where Richardson Flats is.

No Tax Liability

I’m sure you are asking yourself – “so what will this cost me?”


Richardson Flats is not taking a penny of taxpayer money. Not only will it add to the local tax base, resulting in better services but the developer is DONATING a new town hall and community center to Hideout for FREE.

This is alone is valued at $2.5 million.

Add in the benefits of local shopping, school, and trail system and this is a huge win for our town.

Support Proposition 3!