Park City’s Problem: Park City is built on historical mining sites. As such, the soil is contaminated with heavy metals such as arsenic and lead. Whenever new development in PC occurs, they have to scrap these contaminated soils and dump them elsewhere. Park City could have chosen to dump these soils in Tooele, where they would have been permanently contained. Instead, to save a few bucks, they dumped them in the backyard of Hideout.

EPA’s Role: The EPA has outlined a plan to safely and permanently deal with the tailing at Richardson Flat. There is a temporary “cap” on these soils now but requires a permanent cap. This cap will protect groundwater and air quality, preserving the Silver Springs ecosystem, ultimately mitigating any future public health hazard. This cap can be turned into grassy recreational areas and has proven to be effective nationwide, including in Salt Lake Valley.  However, they have not funded this plan and do not plan to do so in the near future.

The Solution: The proposed Richardson Flat development will implement the EPA’s capping plan. This will be done to EPA standards, with EPA oversight, at no cost to taxpayers. The development cannot move forward without EPA’s approval that this has been done effectively and accurately.